Criteria for Alumni Celebration

  1. Alumni who had a book released, a play produced, or a movie based on their script released between May of the previous year and May of the current year (books must be available for sale at the time of the Celebration).
  2. Alumni with their first published book or produced play/screenplay will be given consideration before alumni with their second (or subsequent) works.
  1. Once a writer has participated in a Celebration, they will be given a lower priority for inclusion for three years.
  1. Regardless of the foregoing, authors/writers may be included to provide for a balance among genres represented at the Celebration.
  1. Exceptions may be made for works and authors whose recognition would warrant inclusion in the Celebration and bring favorable publicity to the alumni association and the MFA in Writing program.
  1. Self-published works or vanity press published works or self-produced plays/movies will be considered for the Celebration if they meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Portions of the works have already been published as stand-alone pieces
    2. The work qualified for a grant to which submission of the work was a prerequisite
    3. The work was vetted by some other arm’s-length third party and approved for publication
    4. The majority of the material in the work was the approved creative thesis necessary for the graduation from the MFA program

To apply for a place at the Celebration, fill out the form here.

If, after all of the above criteria are considered, there are remaining slots, alumni who were unable to attend previous Homecomings but qualified for that year will be considered.