Travels With My Debut Novel- Lynda Archer

While on the ferry between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, a First Nations man in his sixties, held out the postcard I had given to his granddaughter a few moments earlier. It was the postcard my publisher had created with the cover of my book, Tears in the Grass, on one side, a brief summary of the novel on the other side. I had a few seconds of panic until he asked where he could buy my book.

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Frances Nicholson On Writing and the MFA

Frances Nicholson graduated from Spalding’s MFA program in the spring of 2004 – a part of the second full class of grads – in the genre of poetry. His wife, Cynthia Allar, also graduated that year (they met at Spalding).

Frances runs a blog, but not in poetry. He is (as you can see below) a theatrical critic in the greater Los Angeles area, and a member of the LADCC, which – among other things – issues awards to the large theatrical community in L.A. every March.

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A Day in the Life- Anna Urquhart

On this episode of A Day in the Life we Summer 2015 grad Anna Urquhard. She is a fiction writer from Schaefferstown, PA.  She is one busy woman with many writing and English-related jobs.  She also has the dream of most writers, I think: a small writing house separate from her home. (I am extremely jealous).  It was great to hear from Anna  and learn more about her daily routine and writing process.

Now let’s hear from Anna

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Why You Need a Writing Buddy and Where to Find One

As we know, writing is a very lonely affair.  But that doesn’t mean you need to embark on this journey completely alone.

Writing Buddies can be an important part of ensuring our success as writers.

Part of the reason we love the Spalding MFA program so much is the sense of community. This community gives us support, advice, help, and a sense of security.  It’s important to find a similar feeling even after graduation.

Here are a few places (in addition to our Alumni Association) where you can find a writing buddy.

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Alum Beatrice Bowles Creating Audiobooks

2004 Alumni Beatrice Bowles has recently had her stories featured in an Audio Series called Story Party and I’m here to show off her great work.

Story Party is a family-friendly audio series featuring tall tales, folk tales, rabbit tails and everything in between. Full of live performances from the most imaginative storytellers around the country, children will feel like they’re a part of the audience as they listen, sing and clap along. This series is perfect for a long drive with the whole family, perhaps through the woods to Grandmother’s house. Or maybe just a short trip (with a dose of unexpected gridlock) over to the soccer game.

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A Day in the Life- Emily Vander Ark

On this episode of A Day in the Life we meet 2016 grad Emily Vander Ark. She writes for children and young adults and is a writing and composition teacher.  Emily lives in Southwest Michigan.   It was great to hear from Emily and learn more about her daily routine and writing process.

Now let’s hear from Emily.

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Upcoming Conferences and Residencies through July

Want to meet up with agents and editors?
Want to hone your writing skills with other dedicated writers?

This list can help.

I’ve put together some upcoming conferences and residencies for the first half of 2018 to help you reach your writing goals this year. If you’re going to attend any, let us know in the Spalding Alumni Facebook group so we can meet up with fellow alumni while there.

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A Day in the Life- Jill Cox- Cordova

On this episode of A Day in the Life we Spring 2017 grad Jill Cox- Cordova. She is a fiction writer with a background in journalism, and an interest in nonfiction. Jill lives near Atlanta and works as an English Comp. teacher when she’s not writing.  It was great to hear from Jill  and learn more about her daily routine and writing process.

Now let’s hear from Jill.

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Contests To Enter to Finish Out 2017

With the new year fast approaching, I wanted to put together a list of contests with deadlines in December and some into January.  You can start 2018 off on the right foot by getting your work out there and maybe getting a little prize money and the recognition your work deserves in 2018.  Here is by no means an exhaustive but it’s definitely a good place to start if you want to get your work out there.


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