Writing for Children and Young Adults

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Alloway, Kit
•    Dreamfire (The Dream Walker Trilogy)
•    Dreamfever (The Dream Walker Trilogy)

Anschell, Idore
•    Henry’s and Frebchy’s Trip to Mars on the Space Needle
•    Monsier’s Escape to Mars on the Space Needle

Arscott, SC
•    End of Normal

Bagharib-Kaltz, Farah
•    The Bird Who Was Afraid of Heights

Bodeen, S A
•    Trapped (Shipwreck Island, Book 3)
•    The Lost (Shipwreck Island, Book 2)
•    The Detour
•    Shipwreck Island (Shipwreck Island, Book 1)
•    The Fallout (The Compund, Book 2)
•    The Gardener
•    The Compound (The Compound, Book 1)

Bowles, Beatrice
•    Ring of Riddles

Creagh, Kelly
•    Oblivion (Book 3 of Nevermore Series)
•    Enshadowed (Book 2 of Nevermore Series)
•    Nevermore (Book 1 of Nevermore Series)

Donaldson, Joan
•    On Viney’s Mountain (Cumberland Mountain Series Book 1)
•    The Pebble and a Pen
•    The Real Pretend, for children
•    The Secret of the Red Shoes: A Story About an Elderly Great-grandmother

Eskridge, Ann E
•    Sanctuary

Fonte, Brittany
•    Fighting Gravity

Geerling, Marjetta
•    Fancy White Trash

Griffin, Lydia
•    Susan Anderson: High Country Doctor
•    Prunes and Rupe
•    BeBa and the Curious Creature Catcher

Haworth, Danette
•    A Whole Lot of Lucky
•    Me & Jack
•    The Summer of Moonlight Secrets
•    Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightning

Heald, Robin
•    Pat, Roll, Pull (illustrated by Erin Taylor)

Hunsicker, Jennifer
•    Young Andrew Jackson in the Carolinas: A Revolutionary Boy (illustrated by Teresa Wiles)

Jackson, Corrine
•    Ignited (Sense Thieves Book 3)
•    Pushed (Sense Thieves Book 2)
•    Touched (Sense Thieves Book 1)
•    If I Lie