A Day in the Life- Janelle Fila

On this episode of A Day in the Life we meet Spring 2017 graduate Janelle Fila, a contemporary fiction writer (with a passion for magical realism) based in Janesville, Ohio. Beyond her fiction writing, She has also recently started an online literary magazine, YAmmering, for YA, children’s fiction,poetry, creative nonfiction and illustrations. Janelle has some great advice on how to juggle a busy life and make writing a priority.


Now, let’s hear from Janelle:
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7 Things To Do After a Conference

Now that AWP is over, it might be helpful to have a few actionable steps to follow up from the conference. I know I am completely overwhelmed after a conference, especially one the size of AWP, so it’s nice to have a list of things I need to do moving forward. Here are a few steps to take after a conference to help get the ball rolling.

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