7 Things To Do After a Conference

Now that AWP is over, it might be helpful to have a few actionable steps to follow up from the conference. I know I am completely overwhelmed after a conference, especially one the size of AWP, so it’s nice to have a list of things I need to do moving forward. Here are a few steps to take after a conference to help get the ball rolling.

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Interview with Katey Schultz

I’ve sat down with award-winning author Katey Schultz to pick her brain about her e-course, Katey’s Notes: an E-Course on Stewardship and Marketing. As writers it’s important to understand the business side of writing but usually, we haven’t studied business and it can be an overwhelming undertaking for people who just want to be creative. Katey Schultz has compiled her experiences and created an e-course that will more quickly and less expensively guide us through the marketing and promotion side of being a writer.

I wanted to talk with her about her process before and while creating this course if any of our alums might be interested in taking her course, or offering a similar type course on their own websites.

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