Sample Alumni Gathering Plans

Bad Planning

  1. Alumni Gathering with a Spalding Faculty Speaker and Alumni Readings
  2. Costs:
    1. Venue = $300
    2. Speaker = free (lives in area, volunteered, and was approached through M.F.A. program channels) – however, volunteering is not something we can ask faculty to do. If you want to involve faculty, do not approach them directly. You must put it in your proposal and the M.F.A. program will contact the faculty member about their interest level.
    3. Catering = $300
  3.  Charged $10 per person. 28 people attended. Lost $320 on the event. It was a great event but showed that more careful planning is needed.

Better Planning

  1. Alumni Gathering with alumni readings.
  2. Costs:
    1. Venue = free as long as the event was open to the public
    2. Speaker = alumni volunteered to read
    3. Catering = everyone paid for their own drinks and food.
  3. Charged: $0 per person, no money lost, about 10 people attended, a good time all around.