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Atkins, Priscilla
•    The Café of Our Departure

Bellamy, Cole
•    American Museum
•    The Mermaid Postcards

Broderick, Therese
•    At April’s End
•    Nesting Instinct

Buckley, Kate
•    Follow Me Down
•    A Wild Region: Poems & Paintings

Clark, Amy
•    Stray Home (from Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry Series (Book 17)

Crow, Mary
•    I Have Tasted the Apple

Daniels, De’Anna
•    Oh Hold, Hold On

de Vries, Sonja
•    Stealing Lorca’s Bones
•    Planting A Garden In Baghdad

Degonova, Albert
•    The Blueing Hours
•    Back Beat

Delgado, Teneice
•    The Burden of Solace+C22
•    Flame Above Flame
•    The Goldilocks Complex

Evans, Jessica
•    Learn to Find

Falconer, Sandra Evans
•    Imagining the World
•    The Six O’clock Siren: A Personal Journey through Breast Cancer

Fleegal, Stacia
•    Versus
•    Anatomy of a Shapeshifter
•    A Fling With the Ground
•    The Lines Are Not My Friends

Fonte, Brittany K.
•    Buddha in My Belly

George, Barry
•    The One That Flies Back
•    Wrecking Ball and Other Urban Haiku

George, Karen
•    The Seed of Me
•    Inner Passages
•    Swim Your Way Back
•    Into the Heartland

Harris, Colleen
•    The Kentucky Vein
•    These Terrible Sacraments
•    God in My Throat
•    The House That Falls Down

Harrity, David
•    These Intricacies
•    Morning and What Has Come Since

Helvey, Chris
•    On the Boulevard

Jackson-Brown, Angela
•    House Repairs: A Chapbook

Jauss, David
•    You Are Not Here

Johnson, Marci Rae
•    The Eyes the Window (co-authored by Christopher Howell)

Keane, Erin
•    Demolition of the Promised Land
•    Death Defying-Acts
•    The Gravity Soundtrack: Poems
•    The One Hit Wonders