Planning an Alumni Gathering

If you have an idea for an Alumni Gathering, the Alumni Association wants to support you in your organizational efforts. Below are guidelines to help make the planning phase easier.

  1. Figure out what kind of Alumni Gathering you’d like to have. We’ve had a wide range of gatherings. If you’d like to brainstorm, Marjetta is always happy to talk and brainstorm with you. You can email her at

  2. Figure out a budget.

    Venue. Where will the event be? Will there be costs involved?

    Activity: Is there a speaker? Is it an event, like a play/movie/museum, with an admission fee?

    Refreshments: Will food and drinks be available? How will paying for them be handled?

  3. Figure out where the money will come from. If attendees have to pay, how much per person? How many people need to firmly commit and pay ahead of time to make the budget?

  4. Figure out how you will handle the finances. The coordinator of the gathering is responsible for all finances. It’s up to you how you want to collect money. We’ve had Alumni Gatherings that were pay-at-the-door, prepay with a check by mail, prepay with PayPal, or dinners/drinks where each person pays her/his own bill. The important part is to decide on a method and make that clear in the invitation.

  5. Figure out a time line. When will the event be? How far in advance to you need to book the venue and the event? What is the deadline for alumni to register for your event?Once you have these five steps figured out, you’re ready to:

  6. Put together an Alumni Gathering proposal and share it with Marjetta.
    At this point, Marjetta will collaborate with you about the next steps. Do we have all necessary information? Are we approaching faculty? Requesting money?

Once all the details are finalized and the proposal is approved, the next steps are:

  1. Make an invitation. Alumni Association can help with this if you need it.

  2. Advertise! Alumni Association will help with this through direct email, the website, and social media. Go to the Alumni Gathering announcement form so we can help you spread the word.