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Archer, Lynda A.
•    Tears in the Grass

Arscott, Susan (Gabriella Austen)
•    Turned On

Ballenger, Kait
•    Midnight Hunter (The Execution Underground, Book 3)
•    Immortal Hunter (The Execution Underground, Book 2)
•    Shadow Hunter (prequel novella to Execution Underground Trilogy)
•    Twilight Hunter (The Execution Underground, Book 1)
•    After Dark: The Darkest Angel (co-authored by Gena Showalter)
•    Vampire Hunter (co-authored by Patti O’Shea, Anna Hackett)

Beahrs, Andrew
•    The Sin Eaters (The Women of Monkshead Book 2)
•    The Windcatcher (The Women of Monkshead Book 1)
•    The Big South Country
•    Strange Saint

Compton, Sheldon Lee
•    The Same Terrible Storm

Critzer, Michael
•    Heroic Inspirations

Dame, Adriena
•    The Moo: Stories and a Novella

DeSimone, John
•    Leonardo’s Chair

DiStasio, Daniel
•    Facing the Furies

Dixon, Charlotte Rains
•    Emma Jean’s Bad Behavior
•    Sky: A Nell Malone Story

Eskridge, Ann E
•    The Raven

Evans, Jessica
•    Hippie Mafia

Fonte, Brittany
•    A.K.A. Charming

•    The Sins of Omission

Foy, Catt
•    Bartleby: A Scrivener’s Tale

Gaudet, Bren
•    Murder at the Lake (Amanda Christie Book 1)

Gill, Kay
•    Mirel’s Daughter

Goebel, Joey
•    Torture the Artist
•    Commonwealth
•    The Anomalies

Gonzales, Vanessa
•    The Light in the Sound

Gorman, Jacquelin
•    The Viewing Room

Guerrero, Lucrecia
•    Tree of Sighs
•    Chasing Shadows: Stories

Gumbs, J. J.
•    The Jamerican

Hampton, Michael Wayne
•    Roller Girls Love Bobby Knight

Helvey, Chris
•    Whose Name I Do Not Know

Hutcheson, Sandi
•    Looks Great Naked: A Fictional Memoir

Jackson-Brown, Angela
•    Drinking from a Bitter Cup

Jones, Teddy
•    Jackson’s Pond, Texas: A Novel
•    Halfwide