Become a PGRA


MFA alums are welcome to apply for a position as a Post-graduate Residency Assistant. These volunteer positions are awarded to alumni who have proven to be good citizens during their tenure as students in the Program. The Program usually appoints up to six PGRAs for spring and fall residencies and one or two PGRAs for summer.


PGRAs assist in the MFA Office and perform other duties as needed, such as recording lectures (training provided); hosting residency guests or prospective students; and helping with Open House, graduation, Homecoming, and other special events. They may be asked to help run the sound system in the Lectorium and to assist faculty with A/V, such as playing DVDs or showing PowerPoint presentations (training provided as needed). PGRAs may be asked to help set up for events and transport items from one building to another using a rolling cart. Duties require going back and forth between campus and the Brown and/or between campus buildings, sometimes more than once day.


Space permitting, each PGRA is awarded a scholarship to participate in Workshop alongside current MFA students. Or they may opt to use workshop time as an informal writing retreat.

To defray expenses for this volunteer position, spring and fall PGRAs are provided a single room at the Brown Hotel, or if they prefer a double room, they may also request up to $300 in transportation costs toward airfare or mileage. Summer PGRA volunteers typically receive $1,000 toward travel expenses. For all residencies, PGRAs are included in residency meals and events.


PGRAs are required to arrive on noon the first Friday of residency (spring and fall) or no later than the residency arrival date (summer) and must be available for the entire residency. Applicants who anticipate arriving at residency late, leaving early, or stepping away at any time during residency should state any anticipated scheduling issues when they apply. In addition, alumni should consider their stamina when deciding whether to apply for a PGRA position.


To apply, alumni email Katy Yocom stating the desire to be a PGRA, the area of concentration, and any anticipated scheduling conflicts. Application deadlines are November 15 for summer, February 1 for spring, and August 1 for fall.