A Day in the Life- Liza Mattison

On this episode of A Day in the Life we meet 2014 grad Liza Mattison. She is a literary fiction writer as well as a freelance artist. Liza lives near Boston with her wife and animals (including 5 chickens).  I had the pleasure of meeting Liza on our residencies abroad in Paris and Ireland as well as being at Liza’s graduation in Berlin. It was great to hear from Liza and learn more about her daily routine and writing process.


Now let’s hear from Liza.

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A Day in the Life- Annie Frazier Crandell

On this episode of A Day in the Life we meet newbie alum (as she calls it) Annie Frazier Crandell, a Spring 2017 graduate. She is mostly a fiction writer (that’s what she studied at Spalding), but she also writes poetry and hopes to one day dabble in both Writing for Children and CNF.  Annie lives in Central Florida where, she says, the air is almost always steam shower thick. It was great to hear from Annie and learn more about her writing process.  I think you’ll all enjoy this interview because, as you can already see with a few quotes I give, she has a great voice that makes her writing so fun to read.


Now, let’s hear from Annie:
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Beginner’s Guide to NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo is an acronym for National Novel Writing Month. Every November the NaNoWriMo foundation encourages would-be novelists to just sit down and finally write that novel in a supportive environment. Writers from all over the world sign up for the challenge and commit to trying to write 50,000 words in just one month. It may sound impossible, but last year alone almost 400,000 writers signed up. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 9.59.47 PM

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50 Places to Pitch Your Travel Writing

At Spalding we have such a unique program. We get to travel to various places for our studies and experience new people, places, and ways of life. Because we have such a well-traveled group of alumni, it’s only fitting that we have travel stories. Whether you’re writing a city guide, an essay about your experience, or a how-to of making traveling easier, publications are looking for your work.

Maybe you’ve never thought to freelance before, especially for travel publications, but publications are always looking for new writing, and what better place to find it than from MFA grads?

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A Day in the Life- Janelle Fila

On this episode of A Day in the Life we meet Spring 2017 graduate Janelle Fila, a contemporary fiction writer (with a passion for magical realism) based in Janesville, Ohio. Beyond her fiction writing, She has also recently started an online literary magazine, YAmmering, for YA, children’s fiction,poetry, creative nonfiction and illustrations. Janelle has some great advice on how to juggle a busy life and make writing a priority.


Now, let’s hear from Janelle:
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A Day in the Life- Karen Chronister

On this episode of A Day in the Life we meet Summer 2014 graduate Karen Chronister, a fiction and travel writer based in Franklin, Tennessee. When Karen isn’t working on her own writing she’s helping other creatives to market their writing.  Karen has a holistic approach to life and writing and I know I could definitely take a page out of her book to put into my daily routine.


Now, let’s hear from Karen:
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Youtube Essentials

I’m very excited to get started on this new series for Soaring. We’re taking a look at social media and what it can do for your writing career. Since it’s 2017, most people are online in one capacity or another.  This series is great for those of you who are still holding out on joining the party or for those who are online, but need some help using social media as a way to promote your writing and your brand.  In this post we’ll look at Instagram and go over some essentials for getting started and marketing ourselves as writers.

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Spalding MFA Alumni Website Reveal

Good morning everyone! Your friendly content manager, Kellie Carle, here to welcome you to the new Spalding MFA Alumni website! I hope you have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the social media series leading up to this moment. In this post, we will examine all the new features the alumni website has to offer as well as what to expect in the future. Continue reading