About Us

The idea for a Spalding MFA in Writing Alumni Association began down on Fourth Street Live in Louisville, Kentucky, around a TGI Friday’s dinner table on election night during the 2004 fall residency. There, a group ate and talked about the specialness of the program and how that could be maintained after graduation. Faculty member K.L. “Kenny” Cook mentioned other programs that had such alumni associations, and so we approached Spalding MFA in Writing co-founder Karen Mann about the possibilities. It was decided then that the program had not graduated enough alumni to have a fully active association.

Determined to create our association and keep our alumni connected, we waited until 2006 to begin. A small group gathered with a focus to plan and administer homecoming, to begin a newsletter and a website, and to dream about possibilities for the central mission of the association, to keep alumni of the MFA in Writing program connected to the program, to each other, and to their art.

Since that time, as the alumni numbers have grown, many others have joined in the work as we continue to expand and grow our activities and programs, all still focused on the mission of connection.

Our association’s possibilities are limited only by our imaginations and our willingness to stay connected.

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