Alum Beatrice Bowles Creating Audiobooks

2004 Alumni Beatrice Bowles has recently had her stories featured in an Audio Series called Story Party and I’m here to show off her great work.

Story Party is a family-friendly audio series featuring tall tales, folk tales, rabbit tails and everything in between. Full of live performances from the most imaginative storytellers around the country, children will feel like they’re a part of the audience as they listen, sing and clap along. This series is perfect for a long drive with the whole family, perhaps through the woods to Grandmother’s house. Or maybe just a short trip (with a dose of unexpected gridlock) over to the soccer game.

Story Party_Social

Rather than just one children’s audiobook that may be over before you can get the car in gear, Story Party delivers multiple 30-45 minute episodes with multiple original stories, unique adaptations, and engaging narratives told by different professional storytellers. Each episode will focus on a unique theme such as: animal adventures, water water everywhere, tricky tricksters and classic folk tales. Story Party provides hours of tales that entertain, educate and inspire imagination. The stories are meant for children ages 4-10 but older kids and even adults will have fun listening!

Beatrice has also released an audio book, in collaboration with Sara MacLean, called Cloudspinner and The Hungry Serpent. 

Here’s the first national review:

“The latest CD/audiobook by Beatrice Bowles is one that will take children on a journey of words and music, allowing their imaginations to soar. Cloudspinner and the Hungry Serpent, a collaborative project between Bowles and musician Sara MacLean, brings the listener to a place where they can ‘wander through castles in the clouds.’ There are many ways to tell stories. We think that listeners will find that this collection has the sound that embodies what a storyteller or storytelling event for children should be. This CD is a slightly jazz-and-rhythm-infused yet calming journey with words spoken as if the colors of the story pour forth from the mouth of the teller and the fingers of the musician. Bowles is not talking down to the young listener but inviting them to keep up with her images. Yet, in the midst of these children’s stories, there’s often a wild (onion) wink from the teller to the adults who may also be listening along with children. If you like stories that speak to the minds and dreams of a child, this is a good addition to your collection.”


Beatrice Bowles

Beatrice Bowles became a storyteller because her own children and their friends loved hearing fairy tales and myths. Her fascination with deep likenesses between different cultures led to her first mentor, Joseph Campbell, rockstar of world mythology, on a recording of creation stories for PBS. Now all her audiobooks of world wonder tales feature original music by Louisville composer Sara Buchanan MacLean. Beatrice has an MFA in Writing for Children from Spalding University. She is a Voting Member of the Grammys Recording Academy and a member of NSN, SCWBI, and WNBA.

Her audiobooks can be purchased on Amazon.

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