Spalding MFA Alumni Website Reveal

Good morning everyone! Your friendly content manager, Kellie Carle, here to welcome you to the new Spalding MFA Alumni website! I hope you have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the social media series leading up to this moment. In this post, we will examine all the new features the alumni website has to offer as well as what to expect in the future.

Welcome Page

On the “Welcome” or “Home” page, you will notice the new look as well as Sena’s welcome message to students at the beginning of every residency. Scrolling down you will notice that there is a link to the NEW Spalding MFA website connecting you to more information about the program.

On the right, the Spalding MFA in Writing’s Facebook feed, the Spalding MFA Alumni (Spalding_MFA_AA) Twitter Feed, and an option to follow us through email in order to receive updates from Soaring.

At the top, you’ll notice there are a couple of new tabs, which we will now explore.

About Us

Here, you will learn the history of the Spalding MFA Alumni Association. There is also another link to the Spalding MFA website since there would be no alumni association without the Spalding Low-Residency MFA In Writing Program.

Photos of the wonderful alums behind this operation as well as those who keep the Association, Soaring, and the website running can be viewed by following the link or by clicking the “Who Are We” tab in the drop down menu when you hover over “About Us.”


Alumni Showcase

A lot of new and wonderful things are happening on this page! Here you will find a list of publications, organized by genre. Simply click on the genre of interest and you’ll be transported to a comprehensive list (currently in progress) of books by our alumni, organized by last name.

*Note: As mentioned above this list is currently in progress. Once I have added all the books, screenplays, and plays that we have on file I will send out an announcement through our social media channels asking for updates.

Books available for purchase will be linked to the appropriate website. Want to know more about the author? No problem! If they have an author’s website, their name will be blue, linking to the appropriate site. When available, just click on their name and sit back as you get to know one of our graduates.

But wait a minute! What if your book is not listed? Once again, not a problem. On the alumni showcase page as well as at the top of every genre list you will see a link that will take you to the new Recently Published Books Form!

*Note: The Recently Published Books Form is still under construction. Please be patient while we continue to work out the technical difficulties.

Well, when the Recently Published Books Form is ready to use, alums will be able to type in the required information and click “submit.” Until then, send me a message on Facebook with your name, pen name and/or name of co-author in parenthesis, link to your website, title of your book, and link so viewers may purchase a copy of your book.

  • Example:
    Author Name: Carle, Kellie (K.B. Carle, co-authored by Linus Treadway)
    Book Title: Bit A Both: Crossing Lines and Breaking Boundaries
    Link for Book: There isn’t one because I made it up

But what if my book is under the wrong genre? What if I have an author’s website and want to add it to my listing?

There’s a form for that too, or there will be! When the form is ready, enter your name and what you would like to be added, changed, or deleted as the case may be, to your publication listing.


On the events page, alums will be able to view upcoming events including HOMECOMING! Hope to see all your lovely faces and beautiful smiles there.

Event schedules, summaries, locations, dates, and names of you host(s) will be available here.

But what if I want to host an event in the future? How will I let you know?

You can probably guess the answer but just in case, just fill out the brand new events form! Just enter the title of the event, type of event you’ll be hosting, your name or the name of the host, location, date, time, and a short blurb so that we can help you advertise on our social media channels. While we wait for the this form to ready, if you have an upcoming event you would like to host in the near future please contact either Marjetta Geerling or myself with the required information.

Writers Resources

As alums, we’ve earned our degree so…now what?

Well why don’t you check out the new Writers Resources page!

Whether you are looking for places to be published, wanting a way to track your submissions, or want to catch up on the latest writerly news, each entry includes a summary of what you’ll find behind each of these wonderful resources. When you find the right one, click on the title and get ready to be transported to that resources website!

Looking Ahead

I hope you have enjoyed all of the latest updates to the alumni website. But get ready, because there is still more to come including:


Once things have settled down, with the Spring 2017 residency, which starts TOMORROW, the previously mentioned forms will be available to use. Keep an eye on social media for more updates but until then, send me a message if you have a publication, or event that needs to be update. If not and you just love forms as much as I do, hold on to the edge of your seats!


All Spalding MFA Alums know we go on some pretty amazing adventures while earning our degree whether it’s meeting fellow writers in the lobby of The Brown Hotel, listening to members of the faculty read from their latest books, traveling abroad, or gathering at one of the alumni hosted events!

The Gallery’s purpose will be to serve as an archive to share the above experiences with alums who are unable to attend the events, in-coming students, and those who want to reminisce. This gallery will allow us to share the close connections we form with our fellow Spaldingtons as well as prospective students.

More Genres

I know some alums or soon-to-be alums are looking over the list and wondering:

“Well, I haven’t published a book yet but I’ve published plenty of short stories and/or poems that have appeared in different anthologies or literary magazines.”

Don’t worry I see you, and will be adding Short Stories and Poems to the genre listing in the future. Once again, keep an eye on the Spalding MFA Alumni social media sites for details.

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoy all the new features the alumni website has to offer. Keep checking Soaring as Mackenzie Jervis continues the Social Media series. I’m off to residency to welcome the Spring 2017 graduates to our alumni community!

Kellie Carle is a Fall 2017 Fiction Graduate currently living and writing outside the greater Philadelphia area. When she is not exploring the realms of speculative, jazz, and historical fiction, Kellie avidly pursues misspelled words, botched plot lines, and rudimentary characters. Her work can be found in Pennyshorts, Sick Lit. Magazine, 50-word stories and is forthcoming in the 2016 Scribes Valley Publishing anthology, The Offbeat, and Fiction Southeast. To learn about her and her work, visit her website:

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