Welcome to Soaring!

Welcome to the new Soaring!

Or should I say, “Welcome Home?!”

I’m so excited to restart this newsletter and extend our feeling of community. As Editor In Chief I’ll be doing a lot of background work, but the real stars of Soaring will be you guys, the alumni. Soaring will be an extension of our online community and a place to feel connected. Even though our days as a student at Spalding have come to an end, we can remain a community and continue to share the great wealth of knowledge each of us brings to the table. I hope this will be a place where alum can go to gain a sense of “home” even after ending the MFA.

Soaring will have weekly posts on the blog as well as an electronic magazine every two months with roundups of our favorite content, as well as additional articles and resources for our community. I’ll be putting together some great posts on writing, creativity, and publishing- all things in the writing life, but because I’ve got a great deal of learning to do on those subjects, I’m going to open it up to our great alumni community. I’ll be crowdsourcing information from each of you, both because it wouldn’t be a community if it were just me up here talking, and who knows the ins and outs of the writing community than us?

If you have any knowledge, or advice to pass along when I open up the questions in our Facebook group or at the end of a post, please comment or email me. I’d love to feature you.

Here are a few of the features I plan to introduce:

  1. Dear Soaring- A way for alums to ask questions and receive honest, helpful answers from our community.
  2. A Day in the Life- an interview with an alum about their daily life and routine, plus any advice that they have to pass along.
  3. Motivation Monday- a variety of motivational posts ranging from our favorite writing quotes, to success stories. Anything to make Mondays less… blah.

Some ideas for featured articles are The Art of the Blog, Staying Motivated After the MFA, Grants, Fellowships, and more After the MFA, Benefits of Being a Spalding Alum, and much more. Make sure you check back to stay up to date on our community and learn new things from those around us.

If you want me to cover any topics just reach out to me! You can pose a question in our Dear Soaring series, request to be featured in our A Day in the Life, or, if it’s a big topic where I can go very in depth, I can create a post or series out of that as well.

Also, if you have any events coming up and would like the community behind you, make sure to let us know! If you have a play in theatres, a book coming out, or have entered a contest, just reach out. I will make sure to share your news so we can all be excited for you and give you the support you deserve.

I look forward to hearing from each of you!

Soaring Editor



Mackenzie Jervis is a Summer 2016 Graduate. She lives in Texas with her husband, two cats, and puppy. She has way too many books, more cameras than she knows how to properly use, and a never ending need to keep moving. She write about her life and adventures at home and around the world at A Wandering Scribbler.

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