Registration opens for SpaldingCon 2015: A way to make your writing sparkle post-graduation!

Check out our plans for our second SpaldingCon, November 19-21. SpaldingCon is our post-graduate writers’ conference.


Of particular interest to fiction folks is the workshop by Sena Jeter Naslund.

FICTION: Getting at the Heart, led by Sena Jeter Naslund
This workshop is a classic fiction workshop focusing on either short stories or excerpts from novels–not more than 16 pages in either case. We start by discussing what is best about each work. What most needs improvement is next on our agenda. As always, a Spalding workshop promises to be intellectually stimulating and emotionally supportive. Novel excerpts should be identified as such and introduced by a paragraph summarizing what has come before. A novel excerpt may by followed by a paragraph about where the book may go. If a short story manuscript is intended as part of a unified collection, the writer may wish to follow the story with a paragraph about the collection. (minimum 3, maximum 5 students; if this fills, our plan is to add another fiction workshop)

Also, we have some publishing sessions planned

Agents & Editors: When, Why & How to Connect, with Leslie Daniels
 Join Leslie Daniels, a veteran of publishing and a three hat wearer (agent/editor/writer) with insight and strategy on getting your work out there, for a 2-hour seminar on agents and editors. Open to the first 15 SpaldingCon participants who sign up for the session. This session will take place Friday morning and participants may also sign up for a workshop. (This session will be concurrent with other sessions.)

The Personal (Narrative) Is Political (and Cultural): Using the News to Frame Your Essays for Publication, by Erin Keane
The personal essay is a useful calling card and platform-builder for any writer, not only memoirists and essayists, and there are more online outlets than ever publishing high-quality first-person writing. As the culture editor for, one of the first successful online-only culture and politics magazines, I’m particularly interested in publishing compelling narratives that personalize our wider cultural conversations. In this session, we’ll discuss why you should consider submitting to online magazines like ours in addition to your literary journal submissions, best practices for pitching editors, and why you should pay attention to pop culture and politics (even if you’re allergic to one or both).

Panel on Submitting to Literary Journals and Small Presses: how to find places to submit and tips on writing query letters.

Book Reviewing: how to write a book review and how to find outlets for book reviews

And if you’ve got a novel manuscript completed, you might be interested in a Novel Manuscript Review. Up to five alumni may submit novel manuscripts for critique by Karen Mann. Karen will make margin notes, give you a 3-4 page letter of comments, and have a 30 minute conference with you while other participants are in workshop. You can use your free time at SpaldingCon (while others are in workshop) to write. All SpaldingCon sessions are open to you except workshop. All manuscripts due by August 1. (Once participants have registered, instructions about how to submit the manuscript will be emailed.)

All of this included just for registering for SpaldingCon!

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