Poetry Discussion Lecture Series begins Feb. 20

The Spalding MFA Alumni Association is pleased to announce the Lecture Discussion Series, a service offered in support of our writing lives. The lecture discussions will feature a lecture by one of Spalding’s faculty that was recorded during a previous residency. Participants will have access to the lecture audio and other materials well in advance of a three-day discussion period. Discussions take place online, at the convenience of the participant.

While there will be a series for each genre, the pilot genre is POETRY.

All Spalding MFA graduates are welcome and invited to participate in any of the discussions regardless of their genre.

Each series might run a bit differently from the others. Here is how the Poetry Discussion Lecture Series will work:

Poetry Discussion Lecture Series

The poetry-lecture dates for 2015 are: Feb 20-22, Jun 19-21, and Oct 23-25.

The lecture for the first lecture is Integrity of the Line in Open Form Poetry, Jeanie Thompson’s Spring 2014 lecture.

Approximately three-to-six weeks before the each poetry-lecture discussion, the lecture topic will be announced through the various channels used by the Alumni Association, including Facebook, the Alumni Association website, etc.

In addition to the audio lecture, other materials will be available from the online discussion area, including as any handouts the faculty member provided, as well as supplemental essays and other materials.

Signing up as a participant

Registration is required. To sign up, send an email to spalding.mfa.alum.poetry@gmail.com. Include your name, the year you graduated from Spalding, and your graduation genre(s).

You must have a Google account in order to participate. The discussions will take place using a private blog on Google Blogger. Therefore, you must have a Google account in order to participate, because only those Google accounts who have also been invited will be able to view and comment on the blog.

After you register, you will receive a confirmation email within three days that will contain additional information such as how to access the discussion blog and instructions on creating a Google account if needed.

Nancy Chen Long will moderate

nlongThe moderator for the Poetry Lecture Discussions is Nancy Chen Long, 2012 graduate in poetry. She handles registration, preparing the discussion blog post, ensuring the faculty-member’s lecture materials are available, finding supplemental materials, offering starter-questions that you are welcome to address if they interest you, and moderating the discussion as needed.

Access to Materials

There will be a blog post created on the Alumni Association Poetry Discussion private blog for each of the lectures. Each lecture post will offer links to the audio of the lecture, handouts, and other supplemental materials. You’ll be able to access to the blog post three-to-four weeks prior to the discussion period, so that you have ample time to delve into the discussion materials.

Discussion Period

The discussion period will last for three days, Friday through Sunday. Please feel free to enter the discussion at any point during this time. There will be three or four discussions questions to prime the pump, but don’t feel like you have to address those questions. You may discuss any topic you wish from the lecture, handout, or supplemental materials. Comments will be disabled after the discussion period ends.


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