Future PGRAs to Have Workshopping Opportunities

Beginning in Fall 2013, alumni who attend residencies as post-graduate residency assistants (PGRAs) will participate as students in workshop, where their own work will receive a full hour of workshop time. Previously, PGRAs sat in workshops as assistants to the workshop leaders. This change is intended to provide a richer and more valuable workshop experience to alumni who serve as PGRAs.

Outside of workshop hours, PGRAs will continue to assist in the MFA office, record lectures, and handle other tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the MFA staff. The pay for PGRAs remains the same: a $200 honorarium, the cost of a shared room at the Brown Hotel for the nine nights of residency (current value $450), and a $300 travel allowance.

PGRAs will be required to submit a worksheet by the announced worksheet deadline; to download, read, and provide written margin comments and overview of students’ worksheets; and to prepare to discuss the workshop booklet’s frontmatter, which consists of published work selected by the faculty for discussion.

The MFA Program considers PGRAs an essential part of residency and greatly values their contributions.

Read more from the July 2013 edition of On Extended Wings here.

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