Call for Alumni with Recently Published Books!

The Spalding MFA Alumni Association is busy planning the next Alumni Celebration of Recently Published Books to be held on Friday, May 24, 2013 during the Spring Residency Homecoming.

If you have recently published a book or have had a play or screenplay produced, meet the eligibility criteria listed below, and would like to read from your work at the Celebration, please send a note to Tom Pierce at no later than Thursday, February 28, 2012.

Please note that space and time is limited for the readings, so if there should be more eligible and interested alumni than available reading slots, preference will be given to first-published/produced works over subsequent works. A complete list of eligibility/priority criteria for participation in the Celebration readings is listed below.

All faculty and alumni with published works, including readers at the Celebration of Recently Published Books, are welcome to take part in SPlovefest, where they may sign and sell their books and share marketing materials for their works. More information about SPlovefest will be forthcoming from Renee Culver (Fiction, 2006).

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tom Pierce (Fiction, 2005)

Celebration Co-Chair

Bonnie Johnson (Fiction, 2004)

Celebration Co-Chair

Eligibility/Priority Criteria for the Celebration of Recently Published Books

The Celebration of Recently Published Books by Alumni has become a cornerstone event for the annual Spalding MFA in Writing Homecoming. At present, we have over four hundred alumni who are having more and more works published each year, which is a very good thing. Because we have a limited amount of time for the Celebration during Homecoming, criteria are established in order to give a priority to those being selected in the likely event there are more requests for inclusion than there are spots. These criteria are reviewed each year in an attempt to be as fair as possible, and your input is welcomed as we continue to review and revise.

This is not a contest, and the Homecoming committee does not review the contents of works to determine their possible inclusion. The criteria are designed to provide  a representative sampling of the many wonderful works produced by the body of alumni who have graduated from the program. Exclusion from the selection is not a judgment of the quality of the work, it is merely a determination by a group of peers as to which works best fit the aforementioned criteria that year.

The Celebration may feature a select number of alumni in any given year, but the intent is to honor all of the alumni of the Spalding University MFA in Writing program. Based on that intent, here are the criteria for priority of inclusion in the 2013 Celebration of Recently Published Books by Alumni:

* Alumni who had a book released, a play produced, or a movie based on their script released between May 2012 and May 2013 (books must be available for sale at the time of the Celebration).

* Alumni with their first published book or produced play/screenplay will be given consideration before alumni with their second (or subsequent) works.

* If there are any remaining slots, alumni who were unable to attend the previous Homecoming, but qualified for that time will be considered.

* Once a writer has participated in a Celebration, they will be given a lower priority for participation for three years.

* Regardless of the foregoing, authors/writers may be included to provide for a balance among genres represented at the Celebration.

* Regardless of the foregoing, exceptions may be made for works and authors whose recognition would warrant inclusion in the Celebration and bring favorable publicity to the alumni association and the MFA in Writing program.

* Self-published works or vanity press published works or self-produced plays/movies will be considered for the Celebration if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

a. Portions of the work have already been published as stand- alone pieces.

b. The work qualified for a grant to which submission of the work was a prerequisite.

c. The work was vetted by some other arm’s-length third party and approved for publication.

d. The majority of the material in the work was the approved creative thesis necessary for the graduation from the MFA program.

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